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February 2016

SIL2 resistance converter

We were recently awarded an order for a SIL2 Resistance converter for a winder control application The model used was P32300-1. Using this SIL2 Resistance Converter, 0-100KOhms resistance input was converted to 4-20mA. Apart from this signal conversion, the application also demanded a suitable product…

Marine Approved Signal Isolators and Converters

Alvi Technologies can now offer Marine Approved Signal Isolators and Converters   Cruise ships, naval ships, Sub-Marines and boats are all types of modern marine vessels. The design of modern marine systems and controls often has very stringent requirements. Galvanic Isolation along with special certification…

Our Phone Lines are temporarily out of order

Our Phone network is experiencing technical problem and is out of order temporarily. We are working on a high priority to restore the service. We request you all to reach us through the numbers as below:   Archit Jha: +61-413330003 Dan Lu: + 61-433543068 Bikram:+61-425048482  …