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April 2016

Liquid Analysis with Memosens – MemoRail

Liquid analysis with Memosens technology makes measurement of pH, conductivity, and oxygen  safe, easy and effecient. Our MemoRail is a compact, cost-effecient and digital anlyser for liquid analysis with Memosens. It enables easy pH, conductivity, and oxygen measuring with pre-calibrated Memosens sensors. The analysers, which…

Differential Pressure switch

We have just released our Newsletter for this month. This edition highlights our product: Differential Pressure Switch – DS11 and DS21 from Fischer. It includes complete information on type of approval each product carries and where the product could be used.   This issue also provides complete information…

4-20 mA Signal Splitter VariTrans A 20300

4-20mA signal splitter  is the most commonly used device in industrial processes. Control loops in process industries often require an analog standard signal to be processed at two different points, with both devices needing to receive the same signal. To prevent falsified signals without any interference,…