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February 2019

Low Differential Pressure Transmitter

Fischer DE22 is high accuracy, very low differential pressure transmitter for air as well as clean gases. It can be used for overpressure, absolute pressure, partial vacuum and differential pressure monitoring. It is suitable for application in building, HVAC, pharma, biotechnology, clean room, medical, datacentre…

Process Analyser

In analytical measurement loops consisting of a sensor, fitting, and process analyser (transmitter), the application is crucial to the choice of individual components. By confronting the problems directly where they arise, Knick has been able to gain significant additional knowledge from the close interaction of…

pH Analyser for Drinking Water

pH Analyser for drinking water plays a major role in its treatment.   The drinking water must not only meet the most versatile requirements concerning hygiene but it should also adhere conformity to certain corrosion requirements to protect the water pipes. Depending on the origin…