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Fischer DE90 – Differential Pressure Sensor

Our Fischer DE90  is a flexible differential pressure sensor that is ideal for any industrial application.



  • Our DE90 offers high measuring accuracy and repeatability of measured values
  • It offers wide measuring range from 25 pa to 25Kpa
  • Comes with Modbus RTU interface and expandable by additional sensors for temperature, relative humidity and air quality
  • It offers easy operation and parameterisation with industrial-compliant membrane key pad
  • It is equipped with colour change backlight LC display to facilitate easy detection of operating states

Our Differential pressure sensor is used in various industrial applications including:

  • Multi-channel monitoring of intake-air and exhaust-air filtration systems as well as extraction systems
  • Controlled volumetric flow measurement for reducing energy costs
  • Dynamic filter monitoring system to ensure early detection of filter blockage
  • Individual room precision-control facilities in clean rooms and safety laboratories


The DE90 is all set to be launched soon. Please contact us for any further information.