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Touch Screen Process Indicator

ALVI Technologies has been offering a wide range of FISCHER products for many areas of applications such as pressure, differential pressure, level and flow. Along with FISCHER, we continuously endeavour to develop our existing product range to meet customer and industry demands. While we had…

Portable pH Meter with IECEx Certification

Knick Germany manufactures the world’s only IECEx certified portable pH meter .   The IECEx certified portable pH meter is called the Portavo and is available with a range of models & options. The meter is intrinsically safe for use in Zone 0 & 1 applications…

Parking Exhibition

For the very first time, ALVI Technologies is taking the opportunity to showcase its parking products to the target audience.   Parking Australia’s 16th Convention & Exhibition – PACE 2018 – focusing on the changing space of parking- is held at Gold Coast this year…

Parking Guidance Solutions – Why Choose Us?

In today’s growing sectors, Parking System providing parking guidance solutions puts an end to the stress and time consuming space search in the parking lots.   At ALVI Technologies, we have a comprehensive system that offers parking guidance solutions which ticks all the boxes for…

You are invited to Water Industry Exhibition

ALVI Technologies invites you to come and meet us at WIOA 81ST VICTORIAN WATER INDUSTRY OPERATIONS CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION at Bendigo Exhibition Centre.   This exhibition is the largest annual water exhibition in Victoria and provides a chance to discover and research new technology, equipment, services and ideas….

Parking Guidance System with a Smart Software

“ParkGard Control Centre” – A smart software for our parking guidance system. With “ParkGard Control Centre” the operators of parking garages are easily able to visualize and manage parking spaces from a single platform. The YouTube Video as below highlights the features and benefits of…

Strain Gauge Signal Converter

Our strain gauge signal converter PolyTrans P32000 comes in a compact & modular 6 mm housing packed with some great features.   The PolyTrans P32000 offers universal usage for simple to challenging measurement tasks from all known temperature sensors, stain gauges or any similar sensors….