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4-20mA loop powered SIL3 isolator

Trouble and risk free operation of industrial systems in any process plant is becoming increasingly important that in turn demands functional safety. Functional safety is the detection of a potentially dangerous condition resulting in the activation of a mitigation device or mechanism to prevent hazardous events.Product standards EN 61508 (“Functional safety of electrical / electronic / programmable electronic safety-related systems”) set out the requirements for components that are used in the protection systems.We are pleased to announce the release of our new P 22400 loop powered SIL3 isolator that  is designed for functional safety up to SIL 3 according to EN 61508, i.e., for a high safety level (SIL = Safety Integrity Level).


The SIL3 isolator is designed for normal and demanding critical applications for electrical isolation , repeater power supply and as a splitter in any industrial plants. P22400 SIL3 isolator offers unrivaled benefits as below:

  • Excellent price-performance ratio( 0.08 % full-scale error)
  • Suitable for use in safety-related systems also for critical applications / SIL 3
  • Ensures a high level of electrical safety.( 600 V protective separation / 5.4 kV test voltage)
  • Can be used as signal isolator,splitter and as repeater power supply
  • it is mechanically stable, approved for marine applications


Apart from Knick, very few other manufacturers like E&H and R.Stahl have got signal isolator with SIL 3 certification and very few manufacturers have got protection separation of 300V or more, like Weidmuller. But when it comes to signal isolator with SIL 3 with the highest isolation of 600V, Knick’s P22400 is second to none.