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Fischer Cleanroom

Pressure Transmitter for clean rooms

Choosing the right pressure transmitter for your clean rooms is critical! Fischer specialise in this area with their DE23 pressure transmitter (there are other models, DE25, DE27 & others as well, depending on your exact needs). A lot of other brands (Briem Setra model 239…

Clean Room monitoring

Clean rooms are installed and managed where products needs to be protected against airborne contamination. Clean rooms are equipped with suitable ventilation systems that creates a pressure cascade depending on the classification of the clean room. Such clean rooms are found in many industries such…

Fischer Germany – Clean Room Stainless Steel Panels

Fischer Germany – Clean Room Stainless Steel Panels are available as a specially made product, tailored exactly to your needs & application.   Some examples are shown on our website here, All elements on the panel can be modified & changed to suit. Pick from…