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MSR Traffic

Smart Parking Guidance System at Sydney Markets

Sydney markets are a “one-stop-shop” with produce, packaging, exporters, food processors, warehouses, agricultural supplies, etc – all on site.   Sydney markets thrive to keep its infrastructure that maximises time efficiencies and minimises cost for trading and distribution. Due to increasing number of vehicles around…

Parking Navigation

Alvi Technologies takes pride in offering MSR-Traffic’s Parking Navigation Sensor technology that not only enables counting of vehicles, but also detects vehicles on single parking spaces, be it indoor or outdoor.   The sensors and controllers reliably detects vehicles, offer a variety of mounting options,…

Parking Guidance System

Multi-storey car parks are an integral part of any major construction development in retail or in any entertainment sectors. Multi storey car parks are generally found at railway stations, airports, hospitals and in city centres. Car park is the first place where most of the…

MSR Traffic – Outdoor Car park Detection

MSR Electronic in Germany which is already a leader in gas detection systems for car parks were looking for other systems they could design & manufacture for car parks. From here MSR Traffic was born! MSR Traffic’s Outdoor Car park Detection is a totally wireless solution….