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FISCHER – DE46 – Differential Pressure Transmitter/Switch (Copy)


FISCHER – DE46 – Differential Pressure Transmitter/Switch

The DE46 is a multi-function differential pressure switch with an optional transmitter signal output. It is suitable for accurate measurement of low positive/negative gauge pressure or differential pressure of air and gases.


Examples of Application

  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Clean rooms and laboratories
  • Condition monitoring of filters
  • Precision air duct measurement
  • Clean room pressure balance monitoring
  • Burner air feed low pressure detection
  • Oven air feed control


Main Features

  • Low pressures measurable without long-term drift
  • Robust design; over-pressure protected; maintenance-free
  • Optional transmitter signal output that can be accurately scaled, adjusted for zero offset anywhere in the specified pressure range, and inverted if needed
  • Non-linear measurements can be linearized using a user-programmable look-up table of up to 30 points
  • All setting/adjustments can be done from a PC using optional EU03 PC Adaptor