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Knick - BL 513
PR_H_BS_BL_513_frontKnick - BL 513PR_H_BS_BL_513_Seite

Knick – BasicLine BL 513

Product Description

Knick – BasicLine BL 513

This mains powered (24VDC or 100-230VAC) powered signal isolator & converter can convert between standard signals.


  • Universal power adapter for 24 V DC supply or 100 … 230 V mains supply
  • Galvanic 3-port isolation prevents measurement errors
  • Exemplary signal transmission for standard applications
  • Conversion of one standard signal to another one, as required
  • Calibrated range selection without complicated manual adjustments
  • Easy configuration using DIP switches
  • Protected against accidental adjustment
  • CE compliant and UL approved
  • 3-year warranty