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Knick - BL 520
PR_H_BS_BL_520_frontKnick - BL 520PR_H_BS_BL_520_Seite

Knick – BasicLine BL 520

Product Description

Knick – BasicLine BL 520

This flexible temperatures transmitter with range selection in plain text measures temperature using standard platinum sensors & thermocouples.


  • Flexible temperature detection with conventional sensors: Pt 100, Pt 1000, thermocouples type J and K
  • Intuitive, “readable” configuration using 4 rotary and 8 dip switches
  • Calibrated switching without potentiometer adjustment
  • Automatic recognition of the sensor connection (2-, 3-, or 4-wire)
  • High accuracy due to innovative circuit design
  • Minimum space consumption in the enclosure: 6-mm housing
  • CE compliant and UL approved
  • 3-year warranty