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Knick - BL 530
PR_H_BS_BL_530_frontKnick - BL 530PR_H_BS_BL_530_Seite

Knick – BasicLine BL 530

Product Description

Knick – BasicLine BL 530

Can split a 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA signal coming from a sensor or controller & send it to two separate devices. Low cost version


  • Flexible input, two galvanically isolated 20-mA current outputs
  • Both current outputs with a high load of 400 ohms
  • 800 ohms load with outputs connected in series
  • 6-mm housing requires minimal space
  • Galvanic 4-port isolation prevents measurement errors
  • Exemplary signal transmission for standard applications
  • CE compliant and UL approved
  • 3-year warranty