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Knick – Loop-Powered Digital Indicators 830S2


Knick – Loop-Powered Digital Indicators 830S2

The Model 830 loop-powered digital indicators are universally applicable. The range (either 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA) is simply selected via terminals. Display starts working at an operating current of only 0.3 mA. The low voltage drop of 0.5 V allows application in current loops with low load voltage.


  • Digital indication without power
    supplies and supply leads
  • No signal interference due to
    power supply coupling
  • Power failure without effect
    on indication
  • No parasitic voltages
  • Universal range selection
  • Exchangeable unit symbols
  • Adjustable, floating min/max outputs, optional
  • IP 65
  • Large 23 mm characters
    • 4-digit display
    • Span up to 10,000 counts
    • Display range –9999 to +9999