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Knick - SE 552

Knick – SE 552 Memosens pH Sensor

Product Description

Knick – SE 552 Memosens pH Sensor

Low-maintenance and precise pH sensor with integrated temperature detector, CIP capable, steam sterilizable and autoclavable, for an extensive range of applications at moderate pressures, digital, with Memosens technology. Liquid-electrolyte reference system with factory prepressurization. Permanent slight outflow of electrolyte significantly reduces the typical junction problems. Excellent measurement performance under the most diverse process conditions.


  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Food and beverage industry


  • Perfect galvanic isolation thanks to Memosens technology
  • No influence of humidity in the connector
  • Precalibration in the lab
  • Digital data transfer
  • Integrated sensor diagnostics
  • High accuracy