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Oil Leak Detector

Our Oil Leak Detector (Floating Electrode) from Jola Germany is a great device for installation in waste water holding tanks. The unit can detect floating oil on top of a water tank to a minimum level of 3-4 mm!   As most oils have a…

Diesel Leak Detection

Our Jola series Liquid Sensor OWE 2C offers a solution to Diesel Leak Detection.   Petrochemical storage areas and tanks are always under pressure to monitor and control tank leaks. Fuel leakages emit vapour generating hazardous area. Protecting the environment and safety are two major…

Jola Germany – Diesel Leak Sensor

Ever need to monitor a diesel leak from a tank in a plant room? Jola’s Diesel Leak Sensor is the answer! Jola’s Diesel Leak Sensor should be installed within the bund & close to the tank. A couple of millimetres of diesel will activate the…